Banners have been used to capture attention throughout history. The combination of bright colors and useful symbols and information is a quick and easy way to cause your customers to look, act and think about your brand. Banners broadcast your location, celebrate a limited time event, and help you establish your brand in a crowded location like a fair, festival or convention. Banners can be made in several configurations, with velcro attachments, various grommet placements and even special cuts to prevent wind shear and stress on the banner material.

If your business features any recurring promotions or sales, or appears at the same event each year, a banner is an excellent investment of marketing dollars. Easy to put up and take down, a banner hangs in mere minutes and boosts your visibility far beyond traditional static business signs. Bright, “loud” sale signs might alienate customers or fail to capture interest if they’re left up year-round, but banners give you that all-important trait for ongoing business success: flexibility. Consider smart solutions like double-sided banners to multiply your visibility when mounted free- standing or to keep your promotional options open when mounted against a wall or window.

Size will be the most important trait to keep in mind while banner-shopping. Measure the windows, walls or tables you’d like to use to hang your banner and use those dimensions to sketch a rough draft. Much like traditional business signs, if you’d like your banner to be seen by passing cars, you’ll also need to measure the distance from your mounting area to the road to ensure your letters use legible size and spacing. When you call the banner creation specialists at Graphics Inc, we can also recommend features such as material, finish and color combination to help you make the biggest impact in every inch of your banner. You may also want to consider picking up multiple copies of the same banner to cover two or more walls – either exterior or interior – of your business, so you don’t miss a single pair of eyes!

Do you have a banner you’ve designed and would like us to price? Upload it on the Design It page and we will contact you to discuss options!