Beyond your “front and center” business sign, you likely have a lot of branding opportunities you’d like to take advantage of. To do that, you need a cohesive marketing plan – and that includes signs. You need a sign business in that understands your vision and can bring it to life with vivid color, crisp designs and a variety of formats to suit any application – and Graphics Inc is proud to be that provider. We’re happy to work with budget constraints, time constraints or unique projects to give you exactly what you need. The type of sign you need for your upstate South Carolina, North East Georgia, or North West NC business depends on where you’re looking for new clients. If you have a door-to-door style service or a real estate business, leave yard signs behind with your happy customers.

Opening a new brick and mortar location and want to stand out from the crowd? Try our large business Back-lit or Chanel Letter signs. Want to change your promotions every week, or seasonally? We have LED signs that allow you to change your sign message whenever you’d like to, even daily. Don’t think you can afford these options; we have affordable permanent signage options, such as post and panel signs, to give your business an impressive look from the road or sidewalk. We offer permanent signage options to fit every budget!!

Why should customers invest in signage instead of other media?

– Signage increases the revenue of a business.

– Signage creates a visual handshake with the customer’s other branded marketing programs. (channel letter, and backlit signs excel for this purpose).

– Signage continually informs and reminds passerby traffic (both auto and pedestrian) of the existence of a business.

– Signage increases the number of impulse purchases.

– Signage selects qualified prospects by stating what product or service is sold.

– Signage creates continuous brand impressions.

– Signage decreases customer’s sales time and expense by providing an ongoing supply of new business prospects.

– Signage produces new customers for your business.

– Signs work for you 24/7 without asking for a raise. (particularly electrical signs like Led, Channel letters, & Backlit signs)

– Signs produce foot traffic for your business.

The other reasons all seem to tie to #10. Signs pay for themselves through higher revenue, and typically more quickly than other media.

Do you have a banner you’ve designed and would like us to price? Upload it on the Design it page and we will contact you to discuss options!