Sign Consultation

The first step to designing a fantastic business sign for a South Carolina business is to partner with a professional sign services provider – like us! While you probably have some phenomenal ideas for your sign (and we definitely want to hear them all) there may be environmental or logistical factors that weren’t incorporated into your planning. For instance, if you’d like to place an outdoor sign at your place of business, you’ll probably want to invest in UV- resistant materials or coatings to prevent sun damage from dulling your sign over time. Is your business on a busy road with low-light conditions after dark? Reflective materials can bring your sign to the forefront with or without lighting elements. Hoping to install a sign that’s legible from far away at highway speeds? You’ll need to determine the maximum viewable distance you’re aiming for and order your sign and lettering in an appropriate size. Our dedicated team will review needs like these and make suggestions and recommendations, ensuring your design comes to life in a viable, durable format.

Lighting Consultation

The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to attracting customer eyes. Not only does the right lighting draw attention to your business, it makes it easier to find when first-time visitors are on the way after sunset. LED lighting is not only highly visible and capable of a much longer bulb lifespan than traditional incandescent or florescent bulbs, it uses less energy as well. In short, the choice to use LED lighting for businesses saves time, effort, energy and money – a powerful 4-in-1 solution for any company. Unlike simply changing bulbs in home lighting, however, there are a number of installation and safety concerns when swapping out commercial lighting design sources.

Switching to LED lighting over incandescent or florescent lighting is smart, but as a business owner you need to know how it will impact your budget. At Graphics Inc, we’re here to help businesses of every size – and that starts with calling our company for a lighting installation quote. Our qualified team can help you make sense of your options, from large-scale exterior LED fixtures to smaller under-the-shelf and overhead lighting within a store. Even if your current store is wired for florescent tube-style bulbs, our customer-focused representative can show you easy-to-use alternatives, such as tube-style LED lights that connect to existing fixtures.

Note: If you’re planning on installing permanent exterior lighting in a rented storefront, be sure to ask your landlord or property management company if there are any facility restrictions on size, power draw, brightness, color and so on.